College of Arts & Sciences

FINAL EXAMS BEGIN Monday, May 11!  Check out the Colonel's Compass for the schedule!!!

Welcome to the College of Arts & Sciences! 

The three DRoark Buildingeans in the College are here to help you!  Associate Dean Karin Sehmann handles all student and curriculum matters in the College. This includes overrides for students, degree audits, advising and all changes to the College’s curriculum offerings. Associate Dean Tom Otieno coordinates faculty development activities such as new faculty orientation and junior faculty mentoring programs, oversees the promotion and tenure process, reviews, revises, and develops college policies and procedures as needed, compiles and maintains statistical profile records at the college level and provides administrative leadership and coordination of research efforts of the college. Dean John Wade oversees all aspects of the college, including budgets, faculty lines, award of college level scholarships, faculty development and the like. Specific duties for each of the Deans, as well as other College staff, can be found on the office staff page.  We are located in The Roark Building, Rm. 105.  More...